Prof. Doutor João Geraldes
Diretor e Coordenador do Labest

João has been teaching for over 20+ years. He is currently the Management Degree coordinator at Piaget Institute and an invited lecturer at ISCTE. He has a Phd in Management, Strategy and Positioning and a Patent. He also chairs diverse organizations and his aim is to contribute to the organizations/companies he works with.

He is an excellent communicator with strong negotiating and diplomatic skills. He has strong project management skills, ability to work under pressure.
Overall he relates well to others at all levels and in any environment, cheerful and with solid interpersonal skills. He Responsible, liable, organized and self-motivated. Has proven track record in the conception and reorganization of new companies, businesses and departments.

Profª. Jaqueline Silva
Vice-Coordenadora do Labest
Jaqueline has been on Business Consulting for 15+ years. She launched two companies - food & beverage and events. Jaqueline also worked on Communication & Research for European projects such as an Agency and Academy for Female Speakers and  Innovators Alliance - Transatlantic Organisation.
She has been a University lecturer for over 7 years, published a book - Estou desempregada e Agora? has been a speaker on TedX and is a frequent writer at Thrive Global and Global Media Grupo.
She has a Master in Management and is currently pursing her Ph.D on Digital Media (Portugal UT Austin doctoral program) focusing on Entrepreneurship and Technology.