About us


Entrepreneurship, Society and Technology Lab 

LaBEST – Entrepreneurship, Society and Technology Lab is an investigation unit hosted by Instituto Piaget and has Instituto de Estudos Interculturais e Transdisciplinares de Almada (ISEIT) as a managing entity.

This Lab has the goal of identifing problems and needs on the society transforming them into windows of opportunity. The aim is to develop products/services that contribute with solutions to solve the problems identified beforehand. Underlying, is the promotion of knowledge- transfer from academy to market.

The guiding principles of LaBEST are:

High-level Intellectual space to develop synergies in order to grow scientific production and expand competences. The lab is working on three strategic axis of action and development:

LabEST is organised into three groups of investigation: Entrepreneurship, Society and Technology. All the groups have a president and a vice-president and a scientific coordinator, as well as researchers, who are grouped according to their investigation theme. The researchers are grouped according to their investigation axis preferences, skills and scientific CV.

LabEST owns management software as well as resource management tools resulting from strategic partnerships such as MICROSOFT, SAS, ORACLE e PRIMAVERA SOFTWARE.
In order to analyse data we use the following languages: MATLAB, open source R and Phython.